'Wave' by Jo Lee
The Bowery, Leeds. 6 Dec 2014 - 20 Mar 2015

On the 5th anniversary of its’ conception, the project ‘Wave’, a mixed media installation comprising 100 cast hands of 100 residents of Leeds, will breathe life once again and revisit some of the participants to share their reflections, memories and stories of the project and their thoughts as they move towards an older self. http://www.thebowery.org/gallery.html

Be part of 'Wave'...

'Wave' & Tea & Gingers... a Conversation with Jo Lee 
The Bowery, Leeds. 24th Jan 2015 4pm-6pm

To enrich the longevity of ‘Wave’, you are invited to join Jo & drink tea, eat gingers & share your thoughts on & experience of: ‘Wave’, ageing, memories & mortality, either through written or audio contributions. Also, throughout the exhibition, in quiet contemplation, visitors are invited to share these same thoughts through writing in a book. 

See 'Exhibitions' for further details about 'Wave' http://www.jolee.uk.com/exhibitions

2015 Wave images courtesy of Nick Swales, Vector Photography. www.vector-photography.com - Thanks Nick!